Service of law enforcement agencies is hard and dangerous, which was proved once again recently during a rally near the Kyiv council, when several officers got injured. Understanding the importance of medical training, this year the Interior Ministry, Security Service and Defense Ministry of Ukraine have participated in exercises of mobile medical teams.

40 medical workers from various agencies and Kyiv subdivision of "Berkut" Special Forces have took part in the exercises held on the territory of the Training Center of the Interior Ministry. "Berkut" officers have also participated in a separate contest on rendering medical assistance to citizens, colleagues and themselves in case of an emergency. With journalists invited, ForUm has joined the audience as well.

At the beginning the participants were to demonstrate their skills in rendering medical assistance to an injured colleague. According to the legend, during a street riot an officer received a head and brain injury and lost consciousness. 

The contest was supervised by a team of judges, taking notes of mistakes.

At the same time, in the building of the Training Center, participants were putting on a different scenario - "Unfortunate tour of duty", according to which an officer on duty felt bad at the workplace inside the building.  

Journalists were showed a technological wonder - automated external defibrillator, designed to help an unqualified rescuer or a casual bystander of sudden cardiac arrest to save person's life. A layperson has only to fix electrodes on victim's chest and the device will do the rest - with simple audio and visual commands it will prompt users through each step of the reanimation process. AEDs are widely used in Europe and the US and can be found in public places, including corporate and government offices, shopping centres, airports, airplanes, restaurants, casinos, hotels, sports stadium, schools and universities, community centers, fitness centers, health clubs, theme parks, workplaces and any other location where people may congregate. In Ukraine, however, only first aid stations of Kyiv and Donetsk have them, as the gadget is not among cheap goods. One device costs 52 thousand hryvnias.  

After the contest judges voiced their remarks.

Ivan Veryovkyn, an employee of the central military hospital of the Interior Ministry, told ForUm it was not the first time he participated in the exercises.

"Such exercises teach to focus and take right decisions in situ. I've had many situations when I had to apply these skills."

The chief judge Arsen Gudyma told the audience that in Ukraine such trainings had been held for the third year running, but for the first time in the Kyiv region.

"Usually, law enforcement agencies do not want to participate in our championship, and this year it has happened for the first time. I hope the exercises have become a good training for them. Every team had a different level of preparation, some teams were good, others not very, but the important thing is that the participants had a good equipment base - new vehicles, uniforms, devices. In think next year the exercises will be even more interesting. With every year teams show better work."

In the final exercise officers of "Berkut" Special Forces acted out a mass disorders situation. According to the legend, a group of protesters have come to a regional department of the Interior Ministry to free their friends. Protesters behave violently and ignore the warnings of the officers on duty.

After the arrival of "Berkut" the crowd starts launching explosives and some officers get injured. Their colleagues have to render medical assistance until medical teams arrive.

Officer are pushing back the protesters.

Backup has arrived.

Officers have finally handled the crowd. 

Victims are numerous and some of them need to be hospitalized.

Deputy interior minister Serhiy Lekar was satisfied with the contest and exercises in general.

"In the face of rather difficult tasks medical teams demonstrated high level of preparation, and it can be considered a great achievement of all departments -  the Security Service, Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry." 

According to Lekar, the minister has issued a relevant order and from now on similar trainings will be held in all subdivisions.

Oleh Petrash, the Director of Medical Activities and Rehabilitation of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine also spoke highly of the event. 

"No doubts the teams have managed to accomplish the tasks. I've been following these exercises for three years now and I see that the professional level of mobile medical teams have improved significantly. I am very happy with the results."

Winners, both individual participants and teams, were awarded with diplomas and cups.

The first place in the nomination "best medical assistance" was give to the medical team of the military hospital with a clinic of the Interior Ministry State Department in the city of Kyiv, the second - to the team of the army medical department of the Security Service, and the third - to the medical team of the central military hospital of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine.

As organizers of the event pointed out, the primary goal of the exercises was to teach law enforcement officers not only to render proper medical assistance, but also to work as a team. Well, let's hope that the goal has been reached, and that in an emergency situation they will save us all.
Anastasia Pika, photos by Maxim Trebukhov


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