As part of the agenda of the visit to Switzerland of Natalia Korolevskaya, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, the management of Social Security Fund for Disabled Persons (Ukraine) and Pigna Fund (Switzerland) agreed to sign a cooperation agreement in the field of social adaptation for people with special needs.

«We saw the Swiss government and business working with people with special needs. The efficient Swiss experience that will meet the Ukrainian needs and realities will be introduced in Ukraine,» Korolevskaya said.

During the signing of bilateral agreement, Swiss officials and management of Pigna Fund (Switzerland) highly appreciated the policy of Ukrainian government on integration of disabled persons into society (today, every other disabled person — over 750,000 people in total — is employed in Ukraine) and noted the shift of Ukrainian society from charity and pity to European approach — equal partnership and full participation of disabled people in social life.

Officials from Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine noted that social protection of people with special needs was relevant for any country and any government. To date, Switzerland is a model of state, where integration of disabled persons in social and economic relations is being successfully solved.

Ukraine’s government has taken a number of steps aimed to improve the quality of life for people with special needs. In particular, they approved the National program on exercising rights of disabled persons 2020.

Experts say that within the framework of national project to ensure the needs of disabled persons are met (on an equal basis with other citizens of Ukraine), the Cabinet has decided to allocate 14 billion UAH through 2020.


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