Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has approved a resolution «On approval of procedure for maintaining an integrated register of waybills for movement of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages» and a procedure for introducing an integrated register of ethyl alcohol production flow-meters.

Government analysts say the objective of the measures is to enhance government control 
over the accounting of produced ethanol, movement of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages across Ukraine, as well as the prevention of unaccounted production and sale of the said products, Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reads.

In accordance with the amendments to the Tax Code, Ukraine is introducing mandatory registration of waybills, as well as mandatory equipping of excise warehouses with flow meters, without which any distribution of this type of product is prohibited.

The order defines a procedure for creating an integrated register of commercial waybills for movement of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine. The register itself will operate as a specialized electronic database that contains information on waybills and their registration numbers. The function to establish the register is delegated to Ministry of Agriculture and Food and flow-meters — to Ministry of Revenue and Charges.

Introduction of the resolution will help strengthen control over the amount of produced ethanol, preventing the illegal movement of alcohol and alcoholic beverages on the territory of Ukraine, including those manufactured illegally.

This initiative is part of the process of harmonization of the Ukrainian technical regulations with the EU, as the policy for alcohol production control in the EU is very strict.

The EU directives set out detailed regulations for issues of storage and movement of goods, but each EU member state, subject to provisions of the law, manages filing, processing and storage issues on their own.


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