The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a program of cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in education until 2015.

The educational program is a significant opportunity for cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the two countries.

According to Ministry of Education and Science, the program includes a number of projects. They are academic exchanges and the training of young scientists, joint research projects, higher education institutional exchanges, and, in the future, practical implementation of the «double degree,» which will increase competitiveness of Ukrainian specialists with a degree on the international labor market, the Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reads.

International experts say Ukraine’s educational system is increasingly recognized in the world. A growing number of foreign students, including Turkish ones, are educated in Ukraine.

«Today, many of our fellow citizens get education in Ukraine. It proves close cooperation in the field of education between two countries. In the future, we will support such projects in education. In addition, study in Ukraine is prestigious, and accommodations cheaper than in Europe. There are no ethnic and religious conflicts, because the Ukrainians are very hospitable and friendly people,» Consul General of Turkey in Odessa Hatice Nur Sagman said during the signing of the education cooperation agreement.

The Turkish diplomat said that the signing of the agreement in the field of education between Ukraine and Turkey would create new opportunities for cultural dialogue between the two countries. It is corroborated by the fact that on the eve of the agreement signing, the first 4-volume Turkish language manual was published.

Ukrainian officials say Turkey is in seventh place after Poland, Italy, Germany, England, 
Spain and France on the list of countries that send their students abroad on a student exchange program. Out of 7 million students who study abroad, one in ten is educated in Ukrainian universities.

At the same time, the Turkish universities, especially in recent years, have become very popular among Ukrainian students. Currently, over 300 Ukrainian students study in Turkey.

A sustained political and economic development in the country plays an important role. 
Turkey’s economy is growing at 5% annually and has improved the state educational sector. 
Some 37% of Turkish students receive a higher education. Geographically, Turkey occupies a special place in the region. The country serves as a bridge over which the East receives scientific and technological achievements of the West, and the West receives scientific and cultural values of the East, government experts said.


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