Acting minister for the Cabinet of Ministers Vladyslav Zabarsky urged the Parliament to prove its European aspirations, not in words but in deeds, ForUm correspondent reports.

Zabarsky complained about the work of MPs last plenary week. "The agenda of the third session include many issues, which need immediate solutions. Looking back at the previous week, it becomes obvious that MPs need to be more productive and have responsible attitude to their duty to the citizens of Ukraine. Laws are not passed due to a lack of parliamentary votes," he said.

The official expressed hope that the current parliamentary week will be more productive and members will be able to unite to vote for the important laws.

"30 government bills are included in the agenda. Adoption of these bills would solve a number of issues, particularly in fields of social protection and education.

The bills are aimed at improving the business environment; infrastructure facilities operation; development of the financial system; developing a system of law and justice; procedure for registering property and protecting investors' rights; introduction of new building standards; improvement of tax and customs policy; protection of the environment and land use," he listed.

In addition, the government asks Parliament to consider the bills on food security and on investment securities relating to debt restructuring and financial papers.

Zabarsky offered to hear health minister Rayisa Bohatyriova and social policy minister Natalia Korolevska during the Hour of questions to the government.

"We will manage to solve the problem issues of our country and to implement large-scale social and economic reforms only applying joint efforts. Therefore, the government calls on MPs to work constructively and counts on the support of the Parliament," he concluded.


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