The gas war between Ukraine and Russia is unlikely this year, former representative of the President of Ukraine on energy issues Bogdan Sokolovsky told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, "Gazprom" currently has the maximum benefits from the cooperation with Ukraine and further pressure on the Ukrainian side may only be due to political reasons. "There are no real economic reasons for the gas war, at least this year, as Gazprom sells gas to Ukraine for such exorbitant prices, and has such advantage that it makes no sense to change something," the expert said.

In turn, president of the Kyiv International Energy Club Oleksandr Todiichuk noted that there are no preconditions for the gas war between Ukraine and Russia, because "in previous wars Gazprom suffered losses and Russia undermined its leadership in the production and sale of gas".

However, the expert did not rule out that another factor might work, for example "Kremlin’s emotional decision".


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