Against the world economic crisis, the quality of tariff reforms becomes especially important, considering that they enable to compensate certain unfortunate external effects and favour the foreign trade, Andriy Zabolotski, chief of staff of the Council of entrepreneurs affiliated with the Cabinet, told a roundtable, ForUm's correspondent reports.

He did not rule out that in "Doing Business - 2014" ratings Ukraine might improve its customs positions, mostly at the expense of the drop in the number of customs inspections. "Thus, if in 2010 custom houses inspected 42% of foreign trade goods, in 2012 the share of inspections dropped to 10%, and this year - to 5%," the expert informed.

He also added that the potential of the Customs Code innovations had not been realized in full. "In particular, the work is going on introduction of the institute of authorized economic operators, expansion of post-audit, etc. However, the Customs Code still needs to be harmonized with the Tax Code and other legislative acts, including on VAT implementation. Moreover, we still need to carry out reforms of currency control, to introduce sanctions for violation of customs regulations, etc.," he noted.

According to Denis Shendrik, co-chairman of the customs committee of the European business association, the adoption of the Customs Code in 2012 has become an important background for improvement of Ukraine's positions in "Doing Business - 2014".
"Suffice it to recall that customs houses now have 4-hour-limit to conduct customs clearance, registration and declaration of goods. For example, in the first half year of 2013 the number of electronic customs declarations increased fourfold, namely from 20% to 83%," the specialist said.

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