Autumn conscription to military service in the Armed Forces Ukraine is the last one as starting from 2014 Ukrainian army will be formed on a contract basis, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said during conversation with reporters in the Lviv region, ForUm learned from the President’s press service.

"Year 2014 is actually the beginning of the new, modern Ukrainian army on a contract basis," Yanukovych said.

According to him, today 60% of the armed forces military men are already contractors, and over time their number will increase.

However, the President noted that training of such personnel will take some time.

"An ordinary military conscript is not able to receive high-quality training in such a short period. We should realize that our soldiers in the armed forces are dealing with modern weapons, electronic equipment," Yanukovych said.

In President's opinion, the switch to the contract form of army is a requirement of modern times. "We have no other choice, but to do it, and we will."

Yanukovych underlined that the military reform is aimed at the formation of professional army, meeting all modern requirements. 

"Our primary goal is to improve the level of our army and the Armed Forces, and the first and foremost goal of the reform is to form professional army, able to meet all modern challenges," the President said.

"Everything we have seen today (military training exercises) is aimed at the improvement of the professional level of our soldiers and the Armed Forces. The militaries have to master modern equipment and strategies, which get upgraded regularly and demand continuous training," he added.

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