Ukrainians should not buy foreign cash to travel abroad or to save for education fees, as these payments can be made using credit cards, director general of the National Bank monetary policy department Olena Shcherbakova said during "direct line" held by "Komsomolska Pravda in Ukraine", ForUm correspondent reports.

Banker added that Ukrainians have to realize that the hryvnia is not just the monetary unit of the state, but the national value as well. "The national currency is the national value, the priority of the country, such as the anthem and the Constitution," she said.

When asked what dollar rate will be stipulated in the budget 2014, Shcherbakova stressed that this index should not be so closely monitored by citizens.
"The budget rate is accounting and settlement rate that is required for settling indicators, such as debt load.  It is not quite reasonable and wrong in principle to consider this as the one which the NBU and the Cabinet will strive for," she said.


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