Russia does not force Ukraine to make a choice in favor of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, but warns about the consequences of the association of the Republic with the European Union.

"We respect any sovereign choice of any sovereign state. Ukraine wants to make a choice. It has almost made it, and we respect that choice," head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov said in an interview with the media.

"What are the consequences of this choice? According to our experts, in case of joining EU associate membership, Ukraine will lose least $12 billion a year in trade with Russia. We do not force Ukraine to change the vector of its development. We simply say that "a" is followed by "b". This will put an end to the remnants Ukrainian aerospace and aircraft industry, shipbuilding... As far as its nuclear power industry is concerned, it no longer exists. Ukraine will become a large exporter of agricultural products, although I am not totally sure of that. But it will certainly become a major exporter of its workforce both to the EU and Russia," the official said.


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