Reduction of deposit rates continues in Ukraine, executive director of the Independent association of banks of Ukraine (NABU) Serhiy Mamedov told a press conference on "World Day of Savings", ForUm's correspondent reports.

"I believe the interest rates are high in Ukraine, and their reduction will continue. We also can observe considerable changes in currency deposits. It means that the policy on dedollarization of the economy and increase of cashless payments' share continues," Mamedov said. 

He noted that it becomes unprofitable to use foreign currency as a mean of payment, as currency exchange operations make payers lose the margin, earned from deposit rates. At the same time, he pointed out that the hryvnia rate would remain stable.   

"I want to assure everybody that no hryvnia rate fluctuations are expected, and people can deposit their hryvnias for a long-term fearing nothing," NABU official said and added that people, who deposited their savings in hryvnia last year, no doubts have gained this year. 

"Last year we recommended to deposit savings in hryvnia, as banks were offering very good interest rates. Considering that the hryvnia rate has not changed,  I believe that people who followed the recommendations have benefited this year," he summed up.   

According to Mamedov, as of today the deposit portfolio of individuals makes about 418 billion hryvnias.

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