The Association Agreement with the European Union implies asymmetry in favor of Ukraine, research director for economic and political consulting Veronika Movchan said during presentation of the project "Economic component of the Association Agreement with the EU: Professional analysis and public discussion".

"The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement implies an asymmetry in favor of Ukraine, because it stipulates that the EU shall reduce tariffs immediately after the signing, and Ukraine shall have a 10-year transition period," Movchan said. 

She also noted that studies of the Agreement were conducted under a mathematical model. "This study has once again demonstrated the positive potential of the Agreement. It will be felt both in the short and long term. However, the main benefit will be seen in the long term," the research director said.

According to her, short-term bonuses for Ukraine include removal of tariff barriers and lowering imported duties. "Removal of these duties is a competitive advantage for those producers, who already trade with the EU, and for those, who are going to start trading. The FTA provides for reduction of the weighted average import duty from 6% to 0.06%. For example, now the duty on agricultural products is 23%, and it will lower to almost 0%. The duty on textile products, which is 11%, will be also reduced to zero," she said.


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