We should give credit to the current government for stabilization of the national banking system, former economy minister Bohdan Danylyshyn writes in the article "Growth potential. Is there a way out of depression, stretched for 22 years?"

"Since the beginning of 2013, population has increased deposits in commercial banks for a total of 44.7 billion UAH. Of them, increase in national currency deposits has been 44.3 billion UAH, in foreign currencies – less than 0.5 billion USD. All this clearly indicates that population does not expect devaluation," he said.

The former economy minister names stabilization in the interbank foreign exchange market another positive factor.

"There are prerequisites for ensuring the national currency stability during the autumn 2013-winter 2014," Danylyshyn said.

Assessing efforts of the authorities to set up the State Development Bank, he said that the main condition for the success of such formations are preferential regulatory rules, applicable to them, as well as lower costs of their provision with necessary capital.

"I will not deny that the meaning and the role of banks in advanced economies are questioned, but their importance can not be overstated in the transition economies and countries with nascent market. This is especially confirmed by the experience of East Asian countries," the former economy minister says.


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