Despite the European vector of its development, Ukraine will do everything possible for the inter-state relations with Asia, and China, in particular, to remain at a high level. As the press service of the first vice PM of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov informs, he stated this during his speech at the Eurasian Economic Forum, which took place on September 26 in Xi'an.

Serhiy Arbuzov noted China's impressive economic development, adding that it is particularly important for Ukraine as a country that is located between the East and the West.

"Mission of Ukraine is to unite the East and the West, not split them. Therefore, we conduct a balanced foreign policy towards Russia on the one hand, and towards the European Union - on the other," Arbuzov said.

He added that the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will soon be signed. However, this does not mean that our country is turning away from Russia or Asia.

"In particular, we seek for partner status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which, no doubt, has a huge potential growth," the first vice prime minister said.

According to him, Ukraine wants not only to understand the processes occuring in the Eurasian region, but also to actively participate in them. "The whole spirit of Ukraine is aimed at ensuring that the implementation of our European destiny does not lead to tension in relations with Russia and the East. This is a principled line," he said.

Ukraine pays special attention to the development of this foreign policy vector. Proof of this is the active Ukrainian-Chinese dialogue, and the growing bilateral trade, which has reached $ 10 billion a year and continues growing. 

"China is the main partner of Ukraine in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a force that brings not only capital, but also invaluable experience of successful modernization," Arbuzov said.

He stressed that Ukraine is a nation with a unique history and unique economic potential. And it‘s a time to fully realize Ukraine's potential.

"I am glad that at this critical time, we have a complete mutual understanding with China. Our countries have two main ingredients of successful partnership - the desire and potential. To realize them, we are open to any ideas, suggestions and initiatives. Ukraine wants to succeed and is ready for it. China has become the epitome of success, but is committed to new heights. Together we will reach them faster," the first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine concluded.

In turn, Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Dmitri Mezentsev in his speech said that the organization is seriously considering granting Ukraine the status of a dialogue partner.


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