Ukraine will reopen its old gas fields and in 2-3 years will be become gas self-sufficient, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov told the Russia 24 television channel on Monday.

"We are now going back to those old fields that had been previously closed due to the fact that there were no appropriate technology, we reanimate them, set there pressurizing stations and conduct other activities there. And sooner or later, and probably sooner, in the foreseeable future, 2-3 years, for example, we will become fully gas self-sufficient. And a question arises here. Will Gazprom benefit from that? I think it will lose," he said, Ukrinform reported.

According to Azarov, today the price of Russian gas for Ukraine, given the Kharkiv agreements “already exceeds $530 per 1000 cubic meters. There are no such prices around the world." He believes that sooner or later the Russian leadership will meet halfway with Ukraine in resolving this issue. Otherwise, Ukraine will soon fully refuse to buy expensive Russian gas. As a result, Gazprom will lose Europe's largest buyer of its gas.

"We believe that sooner or later the Russian leadership will follow us. We reduce purchases of Russian gas. We are forced, first, to diversify, that is, to buy gas at other markets. We are forced to reduce gas consumption, switching boiler rooms from gas to coal, we have more than enough own coal. We have to save. As a result, if so, we have almost halved gas purchases, we will almost refuse to buy Russian gas," the Ukrainian Premier emphasized.

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