Ukraine may raise the issue of freezing of the two branches of the Ukrainian gas transportation system if the volume of gas transit from Russia to the countries of the European Union does not increase, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said at the 10th annual meeting of the "Yalta European Strategy» (YES).

He noted that Ukraine is ready to "freeze" the two branches of its gas transportation system (GTS), if such a decision is agreed with the European Union.

"Our GTS is focused on pumping 150 billion cubic meters of gas, and if to upgrade, we will be able to pump 200 billion cubic meters. However, only if there is such a demand. Unfortunately, over the past year, the pumping volume went down twice. Today, we use our GTS somewhere at 60% of its capacity," he said. 

Prime Minister complained that it leads to certain costs, given that the countries of the European Union are interested today in the diversification of gas supplies, which reduces the capacity utilization of the Ukrainian GTS. "Why should only Ukraine bear the costs? Should we freeze two threads of the pipeline? 50 billion cubic meters of gas will be enough for us," he said.

According to Azarov, Ukraine and the EU should work together to make this decision: "Let's make this decision. Ukraine cannot afford such a huge cost. "


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