$750 million loan, provided by Moscow, will save Ukraine from the economic crisis, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation for regional economic integration Sergei Glazyev said on air of the TV channel "Russia".

"This loan to Ukraine would prevent it from collapsing into economic catastrophe. As the financial situation is such that the expected signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement could immediately worsen trade relations with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the balance of payments will be even worse. We rescue from a default," Glazyev said.

According to him, this loan recalls that Russia is the main creditor of Ukraine today. "The main source of investment is Russia, the main market is Russia," the Putin’s aide noted.

Glazyev believes that Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union will allow it to significantly improve the terms of trade, while the agreement with the European Union may deprive it of independence.

"Brussels will dictate the specifications, determine the rules of trade. European food market, despite the free trade area, will be closed for Ukraine as the EU foodstuffs maintains quotas and, moreover, if Ukraine does not perform something, the Europeans promise to introduce new restrictions at any time," he said. 

Presidential aide noted "stable, long-term and chronic" trade balance deficit of Ukraine, which makes up 5-7 billion dollars a year. 


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