The European Union hopes that Ukraine will take internal political decisions that will be a step for the country's integration into the European community, Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt said at the 10th Yalta Annual Meeting “Changing Ukraine in a Changing World: Factors of Success” on September 19 in Crimea, the YES official website informs.

"The integration process must conform to certain rules, which require political solutions. We, on our part, say that the doors to Ukraine are open, and we welcome its entry, but the key decisions can be made only in Ukraine and by Ukrainians. We hope that they will be made as long as we keep the door open," the diplomat said.

Bildt also noted that the way to Europe seems longer than the path to the east, however, it is more advantageous, for example, from the economic perspective: accession to the Customs Union of the Common Economic Space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will lead to a drop in Ukraine’s GDP by 40%, while accession to a free trade area with the EU - a rise by 12%.


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