The European Union may complicate the ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine.

According to, apart from points relative to a free trade area, the list of points of so-called temporary application of the Association Agreement may include some political sections.

According to the report, the European party somewhat changed its approach regarding the conditions of beginning of the so-called temporary application of the Agreement. If earlier it was assumed that this will be enough to ratify the Association Agreement only by the Verkhovna Rada, and the European side will ratifie the volume in a separate document, in which the agreement will be temporarily performed, but now they say about the need to ratify the AA in the European Parliament before the temporary application.

Thus, if the processes in Ukraine after the signing of the Association with the EU do not follow the European direction, the ratification of the European Parliament can be "hung". For Ukraine, it is important to pass until mid- April of the next year, in other words, to be led the current European Parliament, as the European Parliament elections and the subsequent change in the composition of the EU can permanently push "Ukrainian issue" at periphery of EU attention.

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