If regular citizens get the right to possess firearms, it will reduce the genera rate of crime in the country, president of All-Ukrainian federation f practical shooting sports Serhiy Lvovich told ForUm in a comment.

According to the expert, psychologists and criminal law experts know that helplessness of a victim provokes attackers, but even a potential possibility to meet resistance keep them off. "This is an axiom, confirmed by analysis results: according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, out of 10 people defending themselves with a firearm, only every fifth got injured, while among those who had to defend themselves without weapon - every second," the specialist said.

He also added that effectiveness of non-lethal or traumatic weapon, as well as its positive influence on criminal situation, is doubtful. "Yes, hunting weapons are more effective for house defense, but the question is how to provide security outdoors," he noted.

Many civilized countries solve the problem by a simple way of granting the right to possess and carry handguns, Lvovich continues. "The point is not in the effectiveness of the very gun, but in offender's awareness of a possibility that his potential victim may put up a fight. Believe me, if everyone has a right to carry a firearm, nobody will want to check whether you are armed or not. The price of such check may be too high," the expert summed up.


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