Today, September 13, at 1.20 pm, the Anchorak river burst through a dam near the Chervone village in Artsyz district of Odesa region, the press service of the State Emergencies Service in the region reports.

As a result, 50 residential buildings were flooded with a population of 195 people.

Due to the long rain, which still continues, there was a rise in water level in the small intermittent rivers of Anchorak and Kohilnik. As a result, about 200 residential houses and 250 farms were partially flooded in the settlements in Tarutinsky and Artsyz districts of Berezyno region, Vesely Kut, Peremoha, Chervone and Tarutino, which led to stop of electricity and water supplies.

People from flooded residential houses are temporarily resettled. As of 3 pm, 574 people, including 90 children, were resettled.

The evacuation is carried out by the staff of the Interior Ministry, which supports the public order, protects buildings and property of the evacuated population.


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