Ukraine does need the law on firearms, president of Ukrainian federation of security professionals Serhiy Shabovta told ForUm in a comment. 

"The arms traffic in our country is heavy, and we still do not have transparent, but strict law on weapons. Such law must exist, as it enables to exercise the right to protection. Several articles of our Constitution say that a citizen has a right to defend himself with any legal mean, but its only words if there is no law, which actually defines our rights and possibilities," he said.

At the same time, expert notes that non-lethal weapon permit can be very dangerous for Ukrainian society.

"The draft bill, introduced by the Cabinet this summer, gives open access to non-lethal weapons. But we believe that describing non-lethal weapons as an innocent mean of defense is wrong, as these non-lethal weapons strike dead as any firearm," Shabovta udnerlines.

Moreover, according to him, use of traumatic weapons complicates the investigation process. "Non-lethal or traumatic weapon cannot be identified, as its bullets badly deform and cannot be submitted for ballistics examination, like firearms," the expert explained.

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