The matter of firearm permit is complicated and controversial, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on supremacy of law and justice Dmytro Shpenov told ForUm in a comment. According to him, on one hand, it can theoretically improve the criminal situation in the country. "Thus, in US less than 0,2% of legal firearms are used to commit crimes, other 99.8% have never been involved into illegal affairs. Moreover, one third of American criminals get injured or detained by armed citizens," the MP noted.

On the other hand, crime rate in Ukraine is not that high, but considering the influence of mass culture, firearm permits may strengthen the illusion of impunity. "The matter mostly concerns young people. Having watched "cool" action movies they may start administrating justice as they see fit. We've had cases when people honestly admitted they did like in a movie. What if a movie about "brave" terrorists?  Thus, I think this issue should be considered more carefully," he said.

The MP also added that our country has such peculiarities as violent raids or election campaigns. "Imagine raiders not with bats, but with guns. Moreover, our country still suffers high level of corruption. It means that Ukraine has national specifics, and foreign experience cannot be adopted without modifications. I understand that in Moldova or Baltic countries the law on firearms has not done any harm, but still I would not hurry to arm every citizen," the specialist summed up.

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