Former chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Volodymyr Shapoval believes that the national referendum on any issue will split the society. 

"I believe that a nationwide referendum on any issue will divide society," he said.

According to him, he would look for every reason not to hold referendum in the near future.

"It is inappropriate to refer to Switzerland or America. The Swiss have had referendums for a long time and they have corresponding relation to power. Experience shows that referendum in the post-Soviet countries is a manipulative thing. It is very simple to manipulate our people," Shapoval noted.

Also, in his opinion, the current law on the national referendum is controversial and legally flawed.

He criticized the provision of the law for the formation of referendum commissions.

Shapoval stressed that the stipulated procedure for the formation of commissions by the local authorities provides a favorable outcome of the referendum for the government, contrary to the eventually opposite opinion of the society.


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