The European Parliament approved a resolution calling on Russia to refrain from pressuring countries of "Eastern Partnership", including Ukraine.

MPs called on Russia to adhere to the principles of equality between countries and respect the inalienable rights of sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, promoting cooperation between countries and following international obligations.

They also demand Russia to respect the political choice of the "Eastern Partnership" members.
The European Parliament believes that the increase in pressure with respect to the countries of the "Eastern Partnership", which are in the final stages of negotiating on the signing or initialing of the Association Agreement, is unacceptable.

The document notes that approaching of the Eastern European countries to the EU not affects trade relations with Russia, in particular, not creates the prerequisites for introduction of certain trade restrictions, visa restrictions, restrictions for migrant workers or intervention in the frozen conflicts.

The document stresses that further political and economic reforms in these countries will help to create an area of stability, prosperity, and closer cooperation with Russia at the joint borders.


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