Now Ukraine chooses the path between democracy and autocratic system, head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski wrote in an article.

"Today, Ukraine is at an important crossroads, choosing between two paths. The first way is the development of a more open society integrated into the European space of democracy, prosperity and a market economy, which is based on respect for human rights and the rule of law. Second is an autocratic system, which is mired in economic stagnation and political instability, which is the historical characteristics of the border areas in Europe. The choice is simple: Ukraine can go either to Europe or stay in the gray zone of danger between Europe and Russia," Tombinski says.

He noted that in recent years, the Ukrainian government and the Parliament has repeatedly reaffirmed that it has chosen the European way, and has made European integration major political and economic priorityof the state. Tombinski reminded that currently Ukraine and the EU are one step away from achieving a common main objective - the signing of the Association Agreement. 

"We believe that over time, the Association Agreement will lead to increased productivity, wages, stimulates economic growth and new employment opportunities. Thanks to that, Ukrainian producers will be able to compete effectively and gain a place in the European market, find your niche and promote the production of high-quality Ukrainian products for a good price. Ukrainian consumers, in turn, will have access to high-quality European products at lower prices," Tombinski said.


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