There are no grounds for devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia. On the contrary, a number of economic factors favors strengthening its rate, expert, President of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Oleksandr Okhrymenko said to journalists of BTB TV-channel.

Economist added that several factors contribute to strengthening of the Ukrainian currency.
In particular, the restriction of cash payments to 150 thousand hryvnia, which came into effect on September 1.

"Second, the law on transfer pricing. This means decrease in importers’ demand for the currency," he said.

"In addition, so-called direct investments have started to grow," Okhrymenko said.

Another factor, which will positively influence the exchange rate stability, is a high yield, which gives good prospects for exports of grain, oil, etc.

Therefore, according to him, there should be no worries about the hryvnia stability.


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