Bankers do not expect significant currency fluctuations until the end of this year, according to a survey conducted by the news agency "Interfax-Ukraine".

Growing export of agricultural products will support UAH. An additional factor of stability is the continued low demand for currency by the population.

"April-July, the sale of foreign currency by population prevails over purchase. The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry reports on record grain harvest, which amount to more than 57 million tons this year, compared with 46.2 million tons last year, which could mean a record volume of exports ... and as a consequence, the positive dynamics of the current account of balance of payments. Thus, many of the risks, affecting the exchange rate policy, are localized," treasurer of the "Finance and Credit" Bank Oleksandr Oleksandrov said.

In turn, analyst of the Ukrsotsbank Tantely Ratuvukheri believes that the traditional hryvnia-dollar autumn fluctuations will be virtually unnoticeable - only by hundredths of a percent.

"In September, there may be a slight weakening of the hryvnia, literally at the level of 0.05% (which is less than 1 kopecks, given the current rate of about 8.1 UAH/USD - Ed.) The hryvnia almost backs to the August level by the end of the year after a slight hesitation in October-November," the expert said.

According to Ratuvukheri, the National Bank will not interfere with currency market work, thanks to a stable situation on the market.


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