The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considered a President’s bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine on strengthening of guarantees of independence of the judges and sent it to the Constitutional Court.

As ForUm correspondent reports, 377 MPs voted for the bill.

The speaker on the subject, President’s adviser Andriy Portnov said that the changes are intended to secure the independence of judicial branch of the government.

The document proposes to appoint and dismiss judges by the Higher Council of Judges on proposal of the President of Ukraine, not the Parliament.

Time limit of office of a judge is proposed to increase up to 70 years.

In addition, probationary period for judges is cancelled.

In case of the adoption of amendments to the Constitution, people over the age of 30 years (currently 25 years. - Ed.), with experience of 5 years, shall become judges.

Only the Higher Council of Justice on proposal of the Qualification Commission of Judges shall have the right to deprive of judicial immunity and grant the right to arrest or detain a judge.
It is proposed that the courts shall be established, reorganized, etc. through the adoption of the law, not by the decree of the President.

It is also proposed to change the powers and composition of the Higher Council of Justice, securing that 12 of the 20 members shall be judges appointed by the Congress of Judges of Ukraine.

 Membership of the Higher Council of Justice shall also include the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the chairman of the Council of Judges of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. It is assumed that the Prosecutor General shall not participate in the Higher Council of Justice voting on the adoption of decisions on judges.


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