The accuracy of the weather forecast for three days makes up 85-90%, meteorologist Natalia Didenko told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

However Didenko stressed that the errors in the forecasts are primarily related to the complexity of predicting the intensity of atmospheric phenomena. "Meteorologists are very successful in forecasting when the front comes resulting in rains or cooling in a certain area. However, the most difficult is to forecast intensity of precipitation or wind," she noted.

According to her, it is for that reason forecasters could not predict snowfall in the territory of Ukraine on March 22, 2013, when a two-month precipitation norm fell in twenty-four hours.

"The weather is not a diagnosis. The human body is extremely complex, and the atmosphere is much more complex than human organism. Meteorology is the physics of the atmosphere. Of course, we are committed to absolute accuracy of forecasts, but it does not always work," the forecaster summarized.


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