The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine says that to date there are optimal conditions for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU in November, deputy foreign minister of Ukraine Andriy Olefirov told reporters in Kyiv.

According to Olefirov, the Foreign Ministry is considering the move as an important stimulus for further development of Ukraine as a modern European state, and for the full implementation of basic democratic principles in all aspects of life.

"This is exactly the goal, which is to unite the nation, the people, the country, to unite all Ukrainians living in Ukraine and beyond its borders, so that we could talk about shared values," Olefirov added.

He recalled that the position of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is that it is necessary to pass all the bills necessary for European integration.

"In general, there is an absolute consensus among all political forces, all branches of government on our European integration course," Olefirov said.

He also recalled that the draft law on the prosecutor's office was submitted to the Venice Commission in early August.

"We expect conclusion of the Venice Commission in October," Oliferov said.


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