Ukraine's ambassador to Germany Pavlo Klimkin said that the vast majority of German politicians has internally agreed that in the future Ukraine must be a member of the EU.

"Direction of Ukraine’s motion is crucial for Germany. Germany is willing to help, but Germany understands that reforms take time," Klimkin said.

Answering the question why, in this case, official Berlin does not show such a position, Ukrainian diplomat explained that there are several reasons for this.

"The first reason is that some of the German citizens are afraid of washing out of the EU, the loss of the familiar world, which they have always had. At the same time, many people understand that this world is still changing rapidly. The second - is that during the financial crisis, it is difficult to convince of the need for fundamental reforms in the EU and the adoption of Ukraine without fundamental reforms in agriculture and regional development will be difficult," he explained.

Responding to a clarifying question that it is not about membership, but about a political signal, Klimkin noted that the political signal for the EU "is actually a political liability for the further adoption."

Ambassador noted that for Germany, which "has been and is a central European country, in contrast to many other European countries, it is clear that Ukraine should belong to a united European continent."


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