Pakistan has systematically refused to pay compensation to families of the Ukrainian climbers killed by terrorists in the mountains of Nanga Parbat. This was said in a statement of the law firm Lions Litigate, which provides the public - legal assistance to families of the victims.

"On behalf of the clients, we addressed the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, and raised the question of the need for taking measures to encourage the Government of Pakistan to pay monetary compensation.

The response revealed that the Ukrainian party four times already has raised the issue of payment of compensation to the families of the victims, but the government of Pakistan, referring to the rules of international law, systematically refuses to pay compensation," the law firm notes.

According to the Lions Litigate, the Foreign Ministry noted that Pakistan denies its guilt in the tragedy.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported that the last time the question of compensation was raised on August 14 with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who promised to give the appropriate instructions in this regard. The document stresses that the consular service department of the Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Pakistan continue taking positive steps to resolve the issue of compensations.


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