Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych emphasized that Russia’s decision regarding imports of some of Ukrainian products was hasty, he said in an interview with Ukrainian television channels, according to the president’s press service.

"After I was notified about what was happening on our border with Russia, I immediately phoned Russian President Putin and asked him what that was, really?" Yanukovych said in reference to Russia’s recent refusal to grant customs clearance to some Ukrainian goods, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

Putin expressed surprise and said he was already taking measures to sort out the situation, the Ukrainian leader said.

"I realized clearly that it was a hasty decision and hadn’t been thought through," Yanukovych said.
"I’m far from taking the view that we should complicate our relations with Russia and the Customs Union countries. Moreover, we should think what to do to simplify them, how we should look for mutual understanding, how we can build a model for Ukraine’s relations with the member countries of the Customs Union," he said.

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