President's adviser on integration and foreign policy and envoy to the European Union Konstantyn Yeliseyev believes that despite ultimatums and pressure, the process of European integration of Ukraine is irreversible.

"I want to state and confirm that regardless of various ultimatums, check-ups and nervous reactions, the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU will be signed in November. The integration process is irreversible," he said during a sitting of EP committee on foreign affairs, dedicated to Ukrainian-Russian relations. 

The ambassador underlined that Ukraine is determined to fulfils its part of the tasks, necessary for signing of the Association agreement. At the same time, according to Yeliseyev, Ukraine needs EU support regarding current situation on Ukrainian-Russian relations. In particular, Ukraine needs European structures to support the signing of the Association agreement and to explain the benefits of it for all three sides, Ukraine, the EU and Russia.

"The EU can facilitate access to its market for several Ukrainian products, meeting European standards," he said and added that at the same time Ukraine intended to seek constructive and compromise solution of Ukrainian-Russia trade dispute. For this, a  governmental delegation left for Moscow on August 26. 

However, after the talks, Sergey Glasiyov, adviser of Russian President, declared that if Ukraine signed the Association agreement it would no longer be a strategic partner of Russia and would lose the status of legal entity under international law, Yeliseyev informed.


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