Ukraine's fate is to be a regional leader, and its integration into Europe will only deepen cooperation within GUAM, GUAM Secretary General, first Ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine Valeriy Chechelashvili said in interview with BTB TV channel.

"Ukraine is a large European country, which can’t be disregarded. Ukraine is destined to play a very important role, the role of the regional leader in Southeast Europe. Therefore, configuration of international relations in the region depends on the fate of Ukraine," the GUAM Secretary General noted.

According to Chechelashvili, signing of the Association Agreement with the EU will only deepen cooperation within GUAM.

"A free trade area formed by the GUAM - Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova, operates under the same conditions as the EU. Therefore, the European integration of these countries will open up new opportunities for cooperation," he said.

Chechelashvili believes that the interaction within the former Soviet Union space and the association with the EU do not contradict each other. In future, politician predicts, our state, along with other countries of the GUAM will form a new space of cooperation in southeastern Europe.

"It is very important that the Ukrainian government, the Ukrainian presidents demonstrate consistency and commitment to the European course. I think that appropriate confirmation of the European aspirations of both Georgia and Ukraine will be given at the upcoming European Union summit in Vilnius, which we all lay very high expectations on," Chechelashvili says.


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