Signing the Association Agreement with the European Union, Ukraine will cease to be a strategic partner for Russia and actually lose the status of a subject of international law, Russian president’s aide Sergei Glazyev said.

"By signing the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine deprives itself of the sovereign rights of all trade policy, which we have given to the Customs Union," he said in interview with "Russia 24" TV channel.

He stressed that "Ukraine will be no longer a strategic partner for us, it will disappear as a subject of international law, since it would have to negotiate all the actions in the field of trade with the European Union".

"Ukraine will not be able to make any step towards us without consent of the European Union. We do not understand why Ukraine voluntarily surrenders its sovereignty to Brussels, refusing to cooperate with us on preferential terms," the adviser to the president of Russia noted.

According to him, "it's a disaster for Ukraine and a big blow for us." "We would like to prevet this," Glazyev added.


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