In his speech on the occasion of the Independence Day, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced the completion of "large-scale privatization" in the country.

"Large-scale privatization ends. Not the state, but the private initiative and competition run the distribution of resources between the points of economic growth," the Head of State said.

According to him, Ukraine will continue the work to strengthen energy independence.

"Strengthening the "energy sovereignty" is facilitated by diversification of sources of energy supply, introduction of energy-saving technologies, non-conventional and alternative fuel resources," Yanukovych said at the ceremony in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine, which took place on Vladimir Hill in Kyiv.

He stressed that the main task of the global modernization policy, which is implemented in the country, is the development of a modern market economy, a democratic political system and well-educated, free and self-governing civil society.

"Now we implement the most complex, the first phase of modernization associated with systemic reform of the market infrastructure and social services, creation of conditions for the rapid development of the real sector of the economy, stimulating the competitiveness of traditional and emerging industries," Yanukovych said, adding that Ukraine has changed the approach to government regulation of economic and social processes.

Among the priorities of the state policy of the country, he called construction and reconstruction of highways, railways, sea and river ports and airports.

"In my opinion, the next stage of modernization should be creation of high-tech knowledge-based economy, strengthening of a common humanitarian space," Yanukovych concluded.


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