Protective measures of the Russian Federation against Ukraine do not conflict with the WTO. 
Deputy economic development minister of Russia Alexei Likhachev said in interview that the application of such measures is a widespread practice in the WTO, and it is written in the agreement on free trade area of the CIS countries.

"This is within the logic of foreign trade, there is a triad of measures called special protective, antidumping and countervailing measures, they are taken in the WTO. They are also in accordance with the agreement on free trade area (among the CIS member countries - Ed.) We can introduce certain measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation," Likhachev said.

The EEC representative, commenting on the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin on protective measures following the EU-Ukraine Association, noted that "these measures in case of their introduction would not be more stringent than for other WTO members".


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