Lithuania is ready to assist Ukraine in the process of European integration and calls on Ukrainian politicians to make good use of the time before the Vilnius summit of "Eastern Partnership", at which it is planned to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Deputy Ambassador of Lithuania Marius Yanukonis told a meeting of the Political Stage of the National Round Table "Understanding for the European future".

He stressed that little time remains before the Vilnius summit scheduled for November.

"However, we have a lot of tasks on part of Ukraine and the EU. Ukraine has to prove that it is ready to sign the association agreement and is also active in presenting its achievements and explain the present state of affairs in the EU," Yanukonis said.

According to him, Lithuania is ready to assist Ukraine in the process, but the initiative must come primarily from Ukraine.

"An effective campaign both at home and abroad is not possible without the concerted actions of the government, the opposition and the society," he stressed.

Yanukonis also added that the broad coordination of strategic questions of foreign policy today has become one of the top priorities in Ukraine.

In addition, he said that he expects the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine's to work constructively.

"We call on all political forces and an active part of society productively use the time remaining before the Vilnius summit," the deputy ambassador said.


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