Participants of a free trade area in the Commonwealth of Independent States cannot exclude Ukraine from the community, but can apply sanctions after leaving it.

This was stated by representative of Ukraine in the Eurasian Economic Commission Viktor Suslov.
He stressed that consideration of various trade and economic conflicts are provided for in the articles and provisions of the FTA agreement in the CIS and other international instruments.

However, according to expert, Russia would be able to fully introduce new taxes and radically change its trade and economic strategy towards Ukraine if it left the FTA.

"Adviser to the Russian President said about the right of Russia to withdraw from the Agreement, and the right of other Customs Union member countries to withdraw," Suslov said.

"If they believe that there is a situation that inflicts damage to their economies, they will be able to withdraw from the FTA Agreement in the CIS. By doing so they will have the right to impose against Ukraine the same duties as, for example, against the European Union. This possibility is absolutely real," he added.

The expert believes that it is necessary to take very seriously the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin on that the countries of the Customs Union will impose protective measures for their market, if Ukraine liberalizes the customs regime with the EU.

"From my point of view, this statement should give impetus to the negotiation process. Ukraine, obviously, will have to create some sort of a real system to prevent the re-export of European goods, which will enter the territory of Ukraine with zero duties, to further re-export to the territory of Russia and other countries of the CU," Suslov said.


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