The German Government, commenting on a trade war between Kyiv and Moscow, urged to respect the right of Ukraine to the close relationship with the EU.

"Ukraine should have possibility to develop close, particularly economic, relations with both Russia and the EU. Partners of Ukraine should recognize that," press-secretary of the federal government said, commenting on a trade war between Ukraine and Russia, which, according to press reports and statements by government officials, lasted from the end of July to the beginning of this week.

The German Government reminded that it supports the further rapprochement of Ukraine with the EU and hopes for signing the association agreement at the Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit in November. However, it is necessary to fulfill the criteria set forth by the European Union earlier.

German government calls important criteria adoption of the electoral law, which would correspond to the European standards, and stopping the practice of selective justice. "If to look at the current situation in Ukraine, it is impossible not to notice significant drawbacks in terms of respect for the rule of law. An important example of this is imprisonment of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Thus, Ukraine has not fulfilled these criteria," the press secretary of the German government said.

Berlin noted the immutability of their positions regarding the conditions of signing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.


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