Advisor to the President of Russia Sergei Glazyev believes that politically motivated officials and experts stand against the entry of Ukraine into the Customs Union.

"Millions of workers in the industry, with which we are working, want to join Customs Union. These are rocket scientists, ship builders, chemists, metallurgists, and especially farmers and producers of food industry, whose products are not in demand anywhere except of Russia," he said.

Glazyev noted that over the last three years he held in Ukraine hundreds of different meetings and conferences and saw the unanimous support of the people, who are engaged in actual production and the economy. "In addition, we have close ties with the Academy of Sciences. It proves with calculations, that Ukraine will receive billions of dollars in profits from the participation in the Customs Union," Putin’s adviser said.

"Political analysts and experts, enjoying over 20 years of feeding on European and American grants, oppose. They perform a particular political objective. In addition, during the years of the orange psychosis there appeared a generation of diplomats and bureaucrats who, by their ideological biases perform an anti-Russian order. These people are far from the economy and the real life, do not know real history of the country, cut off from the spiritual traditions and, in fact, are politically motivated. However, the scale of engagement, which is present in Kyiv, has the effect that the Ukraine does not want join CU. When I listen to the foreign minister, who says that the whole Ukraine is for European choice, I do not understand what country he speaks about," Glazyev said.

According to him, polls of Ukrainian sociological services tell a different story: 35% of people prefer the European Union and 40% - the Customs Union.

"So, to say that all are as one, is a painful self-deception" he summed up.


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