Ukraine's integration into the European Union will not significantly affect the employment situation, director of the Association of HR Professionals HR Forum Andriy Nikolov told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Integration of such a large labor market, as Ukrainian, is quite expensive for Europe. Europe does not have such resources. On the other hand, precisely because of this we will not have a situation as in Latvia and Lithuania, where a large number of skilled professionals decided it would more profitable to work handymen in another country, rather than a lawyer or an economist in their own," he said.

"It would be nice if the productive capacity formed by the Western economy in Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, would have been ours. These plants are new jobs," Nikolov said.

However, in his opinion, if the curtain to the East (the Customs Union. - Ed.) is closed, and to the West is opened, "Ukrainians can be effective there as well".


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