Influential members of the European Parliament Elmar Brok and Jacek Saryusz-Wolski called passive position of the EU on trade war between Ukraine and Russia and urged take immediate action to protect Kyiv and its sovereign right to choose.

"Blocking imports from Ukraine, Russia conducts a trade war with Ukraine. The pressure is increased to deter Ukraine from signing the Association Agreement and FTA with the European Union. The EU, as an interested party, should act and defend Ukraine, challenging the actions of Russia, while Ukraine must do all that is necessary for the signing of the Association Agreement," a statement of the MEPs issued on Monday in Brussels reads.

They believe that a trade war waged by Russia is designed to "force Ukraine to choose Eurasian Customs Union, not the EU, and a signal is sent to the countries of the Eastern Partnership in the way of their association with the EU." In this regard, Brok and Saryusz-Wolski also believe that Russia is violating the WTO rules.

At the same time, they called the situation "not trade discussions, but a very serious political conflict with the geopolitical background, which could jeopardize the project of the Eastern Partnership as a whole".

"In this case, the EU should not be just an observer, but also an interested party. This act is hostile not only for Ukraine but also the EU. It is clear that the EU should step in and take swift diplomatic and political action to protect Ukraine and its right to free choice. The European Commission and EU foreign diplomatic service has so far been passive on this issue. Further inaction on the part of the EU will lead only to the fact that Russia will continue to put pressure and blackmail, possibly rising to the summit in Vilnius, and pursuing other partners," MEPs said


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