Check of the goods on the Russian-Ukrainian border resulting in difficulties is a one-time event. However, in case Ukraine signs the Association Agreement with the EU, customs administration may be toughened, advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev said.

"We should not dramatize it. The fact is that the Russian Customs Service carried out preventive activities related to the preparation of regime change in customs administration if Ukraine signs the Association Agreement with the EU," he told journalists.

"The findings have not yet been made, information is being processed. Now the situation has returned to normal. However, just in case we are preparing to tighten customs administration, if Ukraine makes a suicidal step by signing the Association Agreement with the EU," the presidential adviser said.

Advisor to the President added that the agreement provides for European goods to cross Ukrainian border almost without examination, that is, without payment of a fee, veterinary checks.

"Russian Customs has not put Ukraine high level of risk so far, just not wanting to disturb those operational relationships kept in our economic cooperation. However, if Ukraine signs the Association Agreement with the EU and is committed to blindly comply with all applicable European regulations and passes European goods without the control, it will lead to yet another re-import plus to the ousting of Ukrainian goods, which will not withstand competition," Glazyev added.


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