Military ousted former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi had been democratically elected, but did not respect opinion of the Egyptians, U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday.

"We appreciate the complexity of the situation. While Mohammed Morsi was elected president in a democratic election, his government was not inclusive and did not respect the views of all Egyptians." head of the White House said.

"We are not taking the side of any party or political entity," Obama added.

The U.S. president announced that his country refuses to participate in the Bright Star joint military exercises with Egypt usually taking place every year.

However, he did neither cancel nor cut annual military and financial aid to Cairo, which is approximately $ 1.3 billion. He called on the parties to the conflict did not shift the blame for what is happening in the United States, because "only the Egyptian people can determine their own destiny".

He also condemned the widespread violence resorted by the sides of the confrontation, saying that this approach can be very dangerous for Egypt. According to Obama, the Egyptians have to create the conditions for national unity and begin negotiations.


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