Friday, Aug. 16, at a meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Ukraine is going to raise the issue of the problems with passing of its products across the Russian border, representative of Ukraine at ECE Viktor Suslov said.

"Of course, I think that this situation should be discussed, moreover that Ukraine at the government level has not received notification from the Russian side of the essence and nature of the decisions and complaints about import of products," he said, answering the question of how Ukraine will react to the situation at the border. 

Ukrainian delegation at the meeting of the ECE Board, which will take place on Friday in Suzdal, will be headed by vice Prime Minister Yuri Boiko. "I'm going with him and will be represented there for the first time," Suslov noted.

Answering the question of whether Ukraine will take any retaliatory measures, Suslov said: "We must first, of course, find out the cause of what is happening." He expressed confidence that Ukraine will receive detailed information from Russia, and will find a solution to the problem with joint efforts of the parties.


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