The Health Ministry of Ukraine proposes to increase the number of mandatory vaccinations in Ukraine from 10 to 13. The working group on the revision of the national immunization schedule discussed this at the meeting, the Ministry’s press office informs.

"The working group recommended to supplement the immunization schedule with the pneumococcal vaccine, which is used by virtually all developed countries against pneumonia, meningococcal vaccine, which can provide a reduction in the structure of meningitis disease by 50%, and a vaccine against papillomavirus, which should significantly reduce the number of cervical cancer cases," press office reports.

The working group will decide whether these vaccinations are required or recommended after further discussions.

The Health Ministry stressed that these recommendations were adopted in accordance with the WHO recommendations, proposing to increase the number of mandatory vaccines in Ukraine.

Also, experts suggest making a small change in the timing and intervals of vaccination against hepatitis B, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio.

The Ministry noted that the working group must submit generalized proposals for final changes to the immunization schedule till the beginning of September this year.


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