Ukrainian fisherman Oleksandr Fedorovych, surviving after the incident in the Azov Sea, and remaining under investigation in the Russian city of Yeysk, is now in need for additional medical examination.

Consul General of Ukraine in the Russian Federation Vitaly Moskalenko confirmed that the case of fisherman, whose boat barge collided with Russian border guards, was sent to the prosecutor’s office. Ukrainian consul Vasyliy Serdeha watches over the trial.

"Although his health condition is more or less normal, he needs further medical examination. We will take appropriate actions to ensure further examination for Fedorovych in Yeysk, as he has some problems, particularly with vision," the Consul General said.

Earlier, lawyer of a Ukrainian Viktoria Prosvirina reported that he was denied the application for granting the right to return to Ukraine. Now, according to Prosvirina, prosecutors are to decide whether to send the case to court, or return it to further investigation.


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